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The reviews for Phonesites are combined.

  • On the one hand, some people state it’s excellent software for creating landing pages.
  • On the other hand, others state it’s not that fantastic.
    What’s the deal?

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I’ll evaluate both sides of the story and help you choose if Phonesites is worth your time.


What Is Phonesites?
Phonesites is a neat little software that can help you construct landing pages. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, you can create these pages on your phone.

This, in my opinion, is what makes Phonesites so darn special.

I’ve tested, used, and evaluated numerous landing pages and sales funnel software application tools.

And so far, Phonesites is the first software that offers you this special ability.

To even more assist you get a better understanding of this tool, here is their tagline:

Phonesites helps small companies turn visitors into leads.

It improves, too.

Quickly develop landing pages from your phone and let our AI do all the writing.

Yes, Phonesites does also included an AI function which I’ll be revealing you too.

If you’re an online (or offline) company owner, and you ‘d like to:

  • Make more sales. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com
  • Generate more leads.
  • Quickly develop landing pages on your phone.
  • Have the ability to follow up by e-mail and/or text.
  • Along with have the ability to have AI write a lot of your sales copy?

This is software that you need to at least try out to see how much you like it.

Paradoxically enough, Phonesites features a totally free trial where you can demo them as I did.

Let’s get going with my official evaluation of Phonesites now.

Here is where you can get started with your FREE Phonesites trial <<–


Phonesites Evaluation Intro: Features Walkthrough And Cost

So I heard about Phonesites from Ryan Stewman and his podcast a bit back.

I never took a look at it, until I did, and then understood that it was a really unique product.

That being said, let’s take an appearance at the landing page builder aspect. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com

I’m going to be using the desktop version for this evaluation because it’s easier to showcase.

When you’re at the control panel, you click on the top button that states Develop New Site.

From there, you have the choice of:

  • Using a blank site.
  • Or utilizing a template that they offer you.

Personally, I like using templates since it’s so much faster to get started.

Let’s get going now.


Phonesites Landing Page Contractor Demonstration
Phonesites comes with rather a couple of templates that you can choose from. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com

At the time of developing this review, there are almost 70 of them that you can utilize.

Note: I only think of that they will be including a lot more in the future.

You can see a few of the basic ones in the screenshot that I added above.

Aside from those, there are plenty more design templates to assist you with various niches/goals.

As an example, templates can be utilized for:

  • Fitness.
  • Restaurants.
  • Free eBooks.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Health and beauty.
  • FB messenger optin.
  • Specialists and realty.

And there’s plenty more where those originated from.

In fact, here is an example of a different design template so that you can see what it appears like:


I will say that the templates may not be the prettiest ones on the planet.

Nevertheless, when it pertains to landing pages, that does not matter as much as you believe.

I discuss this all the time, however the simplest landing pages normally transform the very best.

With that being said, I’m going to utilize the brief opt-in design template that Phonesites has.

This kind of template is going to be best for:

  • Getting leads (for any organization or niche).
  • As well as following up with them.

Here is what the top of the template appears like prior to you go to modify it:

Here is where you can get started with your FREE Phonesites trial <<–


There are two pages that include this tiny sales funnel:

  1. The brief opt-in page (which you can see half of up above).
  2. The short opt-in thank you page where you give a call to action.

I’m going to click on the blue Install Now button so that I can make changes to this design template.

You’ll then have the ability to choose a couple of settings when it comes to your landing pages:


For this example, I want to set up both of the pages here (for obvious reasons).

I’ll likewise be using a brand-new site for the location, and the subdomain will be called totally free.

Keep in mind: You can offer your new site subdomain any name that you like.

This example is going to be offering out a totally free PDF (that’s how I got to the name).

Bonus Note: The subdomain name was already taken, so I produced a random one instead. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com

I clicked on the Install 2 Pages button to move to the next action.


So let’s take a look at the settings that you can make use of for the landing pages here:

  • Pages tab: this is where we are now and can edit, view, copy, or erase pages.
  • Leads tab: this is where your leads will appear once you get them.
  • Config tab: you can edit domain information as well as other information.
  • Stats tab: consider this your area for analytics.

In either case, I am going to edit the first Short Opt-In Page that’s on top.

So, my first impressions were that it’s very simple to edit your landing pages.

Of course, that’s constantly a good thing.

I think the biggest factor for this is that Phonesites isn’t weighed down by extreme tools. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com

There’s less to focus on, and that produces a much easier procedure.

Below is an example of what it looks like when you’re making edits to your landing page:

Here is where you can get started with your FREE Phonesites trial <<–

So here are the actions that I have actually come up with when it comes to making edits:

  1. Click on the area that you ‘d like to edit.
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the left side of the section (you can see above).
  3. Make the suitable edits that you require (text, pictures, toggling settings, etc).

As likewise displayed in the screenshot above, you can choose the fields that you want to utilize.

For me personally, I don’t like asking for a name as it can decrease conversions. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com

However, there are going to be times when you require it which’s perfectly great.

Here is the last landing page that I developed (warning: it’s super simple):


You are free to add images, videos, or logo designs if you like.

For me personally, opt-in pages like above constantly transform the best for me.

What it comes down to is getting the headline and the lead magnet correct.

That’s what matters one of the most.

Last but not least, modifying the thank you page works in the same way as I simply spoke about.

Here is what the final thank you landing page looks like.


Note: I scrolled down so that you might see to the bottom of the landing page.

That’s why it appears like the leading half of my head got cut off (it’s still there, I believe).

What’s excellent about this small sales funnel is the truth that it was extremely fast to develop.

  • You do not require to be a tech wizard.
  • You also do not need to have experience with developing landing pages.

Simply have a concept of what you wish to produce, and put it together with their templates. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.


So there is another big feature that comes along with Phonesites that I wish to talk about.

Here is where you can get started with your FREE Phonesites trial <<–


Phonesites AI Writer

This is going to be a really valuable function for a lot of entrepreneur.

In easiest terms, you can have this software write a great deal of your sales copy and text.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can get composing provided for you with:.

  • Blog site concepts.
  • Google advertisements.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Product descriptions.
  • Landing page headlines.
  • Facebook ads for promos.

Those are just the 6 examples that you can see above, as there are plenty more.

I want to list them for you so that you understand exactly what you can get out of this function:.

  • Email
  • Summary
  • Blog introduction
  • Listicle idea
  • Blog site overview
  • Material rephrase
  • Feature to benefit
  • Discomfort. Agitate. Option

I’m going to choose the blog site intro considering that my introductions definitely need some work overall.

Here is what their AI writer looks like after you select what you wish to develop:. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.


So here are the actions that you require to run in order to make the magic occur:.

  1. Add your blog title as an example.
  2. Click the Generate button.

Really tough to do, I understand (sarcasm, of course).

Here is what I chose to use as my example blog title:.

Phonesites Evaluation: Is This Software Application Worth Utilizing?

Phonesites ended up spitting out 5 various examples that I can select from.

If you do not occur to like any, you can always produce more or change your title.

Here is an example of an intro that I ended up preference:.

Phonesites is a new software application genuine estate agents that’s expected to help them sell more houses. It’s a quite straightforward idea, however does it work? Here’s a review of the pros and cons.

I like this one based upon the precision of what the AI writer provided me.

I would not use it, merely because it’s software for more than just realty agents.

Obviously, I can constantly edit out that part if I like.

I have actually also seen that their AI might be off in some cases, this is when it pertains to accuracy.

Keep in mind: This is something that every AI writer is going to experience though.

Here is an example of a blog site intro that wasn’t correct when it comes to Phonesites:

Phonesites is a software application created to assist users discover unused phone numbers. It’s a terrific concept in theory. But does it work? I checked it out to find out. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of this software application.

So that’s simply something that you require to be knowledgeable about when it concerns AI writers.

That’s why you can always create more sales copy to see what you like the best.

In general, I changed the example title and got much better outcomes.

The introduction that I have at the top is actually something that I received from this software.

Not too shabby. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.

This is a feature that you’ll certainly want to check out for yourself here.
You might be questioning if Phonesites occurs with any combinations.

I likewise got you covered there.


Phonesites Integrations
Integrations are always a big part of utilizing any type of software application.

In case it’s harder to see the image above, here are the 3rd party combinations:.

  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • Chiirp
  • Twillio
  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • Google ReCaptcha (those things are so frustrating)

Those are just the integrations at the time, they can always include more.

For the most part, software application tools typically do include more as they get bigger and larger.

Either way, allow me to answer among the most popular Phonesites concerns. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.


Just How Much Is Phonesites?
Here is where you can get started with your FREE Phonesites trial <<–

Here are the 3 Phonesites pricing strategies:

  • The Vital Phonesites plan is $49 each month.
  • The Unlimited Phonesites strategy is $99 each month.
  • The Unlimited Phonesites and Unlimited AI Author plan is $148 monthly.

As you can see from the screenshot above, each of the plans features different perks.

A huge note is that the AI writer only features the final plan if you want to utilize that.

I speak about this in much more detail in the associated post that I added down below. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.


You can also simply take Phonesites for a free spin and test out the functions yourself.

You have a great concept of what Phonesites is capable of doing and how it can assist you.

Let’s conclude this Phonesites evaluation and move to the last conclusion. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.


Phonesites Review: Summary Conclusion
So Phonesites certainly strikes the bullseye when it concerns uniqueness.

There are going to be some pros and cons when it comes to this software application.

No software is best.

Let’s speak about a number of potential dislikes first.


Phonesites Dislikes

  • Limited functions (this is something I like).
  • A few of the AI writing came out of left field (error).

I put minimal functions as a dislike because some people might not like that.

Phonesites isn’t one of those software application tools that has whatever under the sun.

They are everything about developing landing pages (even from your phone).

And they’re quite darn proficient at that.

Nevertheless, you might not wish to utilize them for utilizing innovative features.

The factor for that is that they don’t have too many of them.

Some of the AI writing wasn’t a proper match to what I was creating. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.

This is likewise extremely typical when it comes to AI, but I wished to make you aware of it.

That’s why you can simply keep generating more content to get the best match.

Let’s turn the script and discuss what I like now.


Phonesites Likes

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • It’s nice to have the AI author option.
  • You can create ultra-simple landing pages.
  • There is a wide range of design templates that you can utilize.

Here is where you can get started with your FREE Phonesites trial <<–

Phonesites is quite uncomplicated, as you get what you spend for.

While it might not be as dominating as full-blown sales funnel software application tools?

It’s rather the unique software application and is definitely worth testing out their totally free trial:.

Here is where you can get going with your totally free Phonesites trial.
And that practically does it.

Thanks for making the effort to read more about this Phonesites review. Buildyourpractice.Phonesites.Com.

I hope that you take pleasure in putting together your landing pages with this software.

Here is where you can get started with your FREE Phonesites trial <<–





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